Do You Need a Telecoms Audit? Is your company paying way too much for its phones and calls? 

Our FREE Telecoms Audit could save you hundreds of pounds a month...

Telecoms Audit.
Is your company paying way too much for its phones and calls?

Our FREE Telecoms Audit could save you hundreds of pounds a month...

The easiest way to find out is to take advantage our Telecoms Audit. We look at your current set-up — how it’s used, what kind of calls you make, what it costs — and crunch some numbers to see whether you can make any substantial savings. The chances are you can save serious money with a few simple changes…

Find Out How Much You Could Save
Our FREE Telephone System Audit will analyse how you’re using your telecoms technology and how much you’re paying for it. And if we think you can make a substantial saving, we’ll tell you how.

We’ll audit your:
• Landline calls
• International phone calls
• Mobile calls
• Internet usage
• Phone system & switchboard technology
• Non-geographic numbering costs

What We Need To Know
When you request an audit, one of our team will simply ask you a number of questions about your telecoms usage and system. How many people will be covered by the audit, how do they use telecoms, how many calls do they make, is there an overseas aspect to your business, what technology is currently in place? Key to this is being able to accurately tell us what you’re currently paying — so having the relevant invoices to hand is important.

How much can you save?
We’ll analyse the information you’ve given us and see where there are savings to be made. We’ll then write a short audit report for you, detailing the opportunities for cutting costs.  Whether you decide to act on our recommendations is, of course, completely up to you.

What to do next
Remember, the audit is completely free. If you’d like to take this opportunity to give your telecoms systems a rigorous assessment, call us on 0203 404 2434

Alternatively, complete the form below and click SUBMIT and an account manager will call you back.
Naturally, any information you share with us during the audit will remain strictly confidential.

What Else Do We Do

FREE Energy, Electricity & Gas Audit, Procurement & Consulting

Our specialised energy consultants can offer businesses, regardless of size or sector, the opportunity to secure the most cost-efficient tariffs on the market.

Geo-political factors and other market fluctuations have resulted in prices to rise year-on-year. Our advanced software solutions allow us to monitor the market and advise you on the best purchase model.

Forward purchasing allows you to guarantee a rate in advance. We can help you to find a fixed rate tariff that will allow you to take control of the rising prices, even before your contract is up for renewal.

Why Choose Us

It can become extremely time consuming when it comes to purchasing business energy and prices can vary by 28% between business energy providers. 

We can take care of everything for you and remove the stress. We search for the best rates, manage your new and existing suppliers, take care of the contract admin and can also offer advice for solutions to reduce your carbon emissions and bills.

Green Energy

We can offer a range of Green electricity tariffs, which all use power that has been generated from 100% renewable sources.

Changing your energy supply to a green tariff is a great way to make a positive difference and reduce the carbon footprint your business has on the environment. All 100% renewable products come with a zero emissions rating and are backed with a “Guarantee of Origin”, which certifies the electricity has been generated through hydro assets (wind).

All our Green products are available to all businesses, big and small, who care about their impact on the environment. If you are interested in going Green, contact us today and see how many tonnes of carbon your business could save by switching.


  • Gas Procurement: Our expert service makes it easy for you to get a better deal for your business gas. All it takes is one short phone call to start saving money for your business.
  • Electricity Procurement: All businesses use electricity. Our U.K. based customer service team takes care of your switching which saves you time, hassle and money.
  • Half Hourly Metering: Businesses with half hourly meters consume significant levels of electricity and the suppliers charge slightly cheaper rates, which we can help secure for you.

Energy Suppliers

We only work with the most trusted and reliable suppliers and have carefully selected the very best to work with. By working with a wide range of suppliers alongside our advanced software solutions, we can access the best pricing available across the energy market instead of manually comparing quotes from each supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why use an energy broker to buy business energy?
Help with contracts, comparing prices, switching and managing your account
Shopping around for business gas and electricity can be crucial to your efficiency and bottom line. A broker can work as a middle man to help you compare business gas and electricity prices and plans, and to switch suppliers
A good broker could offer you:

Compare prices
• A broker can compare business gas and electricity with your businesses specific needs in mind, helping you cut energy costs.

Time savings
• Switching business energy suppliers is a straightforward process, but a broker can save you the hassle by handling all the paperwork.

• Brokers should give you an impartial understanding of the business energy market and of what’s required for your businesses specific needs.

• The best business energy deals last for fixed periods of time – a broker can actively monitor your account and help you make long-term savings.

Are brokers better than business energy comparison sites?
They offer different services
• Businesses may be credit checked
• Business energy suppliers don’t routinely publish all their tariffs
• Contract length and other details are often based on a negotiation

A broker can help address the individual energy needs of your business and can also pro-actively monitor your account. They can also help you to manage your account.

What happens when your energy plan is ending?
Help with renewing, or switching energy supplier
• If you have a fixed term plan, you'll receive a renewal reminder around 60 days before it's due to end explaining your options. This should include your current prices, new prices and annual energy consumption to make comparisons easier
• To cancel your agreement you'll need to provide just 30 days notice before the contract end date
• Your leaving notice should be confirmed within five working days of receipt
• It can take up to 21 days to switch energy suppliers. In most cases it’s earlier, or you can request a later start date
Renewing made easy

Is business gas cheaper than domestic gas?
Business gas may be cheaper than domestic gas depending on the size of the business and how much gas you use. Most business customers pay a higher rate of VAT on business gas than domestic customers.

How does business gas pricing work?
Business gas prices aren't calculated in the same way as domestic gas and plans are set up differently.
Business gas prices may be worked out on either a fixed or a variable rate tariff.

Business Electricity & Gas Procurement

FREE Procurement Team who will negotiate huge deals and who switch your energy & utilities on a regular basis to get you the best deal available.