Content Marketing to cater to all your content needs. Our content is guaranteed to be well-crafted and all original to ensure that it is SEO and reader-friendly.

The Copywriting Product

Our copywriting product exists as either an add on, or a standalone product that endeavours to rewrite, improve or create from scratch any of the copy or content that you may need.

As a standalone product, our copywriting service can be used to create a variety of different types of copy depending on your need. This includes:
  • Normal blog posts (300 - 350 words) 
  • Extended Extra Researched blog posts (600 800 words) 
  • Website content (for single pages or entire websites) 
  • Proofreading 
  • Email marketing mailers 
  • Press releases 
  • Site descriptions
  • Product descriptions for shopping carts
As an add on service, our copywriting team can assist you with any of your ongoing projects that Bondzie Consulting is working on for you. For example, creating the content for a website that our web design team is in the process of developing, proofreading and optimising your LinkedIn profile summary to make the most of our LinkedIn Lead Generation service or even creating and optimising for SEO all of your site descriptions which assists your SEO efforts, ongoing.

All of the copywriting that our team creates is optimised for SEO thanks to the inclusion of keywords and Google best practices.
Fresh, well written, SEO optimised copy is gobbled up by Google. You should regularly update your websites with fresh, well written, SEO optimised copy.

The Copywriting Product Purpose

The main purpose of our copywriting service for your brand is to generate a favourable perception in the minds of your audience. Do not underestimate the negative impact that spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors can have on a brand’s image.

Beyond that, our copywriting products exists for clients who can benefit from assistance in expediting the often tedious and expensive process of generating copy for their digital marketing projects.

Our copywriting service is ideal for businesses without the staff compliment or time to create their own copy for their websites, blogs, email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns or content for other marketing purposes. Our copywriting team assists with all of this.  We can prepare content for both digital marketing and traditional marketing needs.

The Copywriting Product Is Working When:

  • You find that you are able to complete projects quicker and with more success because you aren’t waiting for the copy to get written 
  • You have more time in your day to focus on what you love or what’s important (growing your business) 
  • Your website is ranking higher on Google and Bing due to the higher quality and volume of content being produced 
  • You are being published in online and traditional media due to the quality of content being produced..

The Copywriting Product Process

You request and initiate the copywriting job via our website portal.  The brief is completed which includes:
  • References
  • Information from client on topic and desired message
  • Keywords
  • Type of writing required
  • Any documents (PDFs, websites or images) to help the copywriting team complete the project
  • If a more detailed brief is required, a Skype chat with the copywriting manager is organised.

  • Project Manager Assigns the Project to the Copywriting Manager
  • Copywriting Manager sets delivery date and assigns to a Writer
  • Copywriting team completes project in 5 - 7 working days
  • Copywriting manager sub edits copy for grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Also ensures copy meets the needs of the brief.  

  • Copywriting manager uploads completed copy to Basecamp project and alerts you the piece is ready for review
  • You offer approval or fine tuning changes to the piece, loaded onto Basecamp
  • Any changes required are made by copywriting team
  • Copywriting manager resubmits to you on Basecamp
  • Final approval submitted

The Copywriting Product Our Responsibilities

  • Picking up and understanding the brief . If we have any confusion or information is insufficient or missing, we will come back to you to clarify. 
  • We are responsible for writing copy that meets the brief in style, content and tone. 
  • We will communicate to you an expected date of delivery for the completed copy. Obviously not all projects are the same, some will take longer than others. This will be conveyed to you. 
  • We are responsible to be available to you over the course of the project for enquiry regarding the status of the project. 
  • Any problems or changes to the content will be made as a matter of urgency by the copywriting team so as not to hold you or other processes up

The Copywriting Product Your Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for developing and maintaining a relationship with our project manager.
  • You must endeavour to make yourself available for communication and answer any of the copywriting managers questions as a matter of urgency. This ensures that the copy gets completed on or before the deadline, without delay.
  • Ensuring that the copywriting team is very clear and well briefed on the requirements of the project. This starts and is accomplished by completing the questions asked on the brief as completely as possible.
  • Give the copywriting team feedback so they know that the work they have done has been met with approval.

The Copywriting Product Limitations

  • Copywriting is an output based service, not performance based.

Website Design & Development

The Work We Do And How We Do It

Our Web Design and Development Process 
We have designed our process with a proper Software Development Life Cycle framework. This framework is designed to ensure quality of output and to also specifically overcome the three challenges faced in Website Design and Development. In our high-level project management, our websites now follow a consistent 4 step process, with the same steps and standard communication. As you use our web development services, you will get used to this process and enjoy its flow.

The purpose of this section is to provide you with a feel for the flow of the website design and development we do and also to give you an understanding of how you should work with our team to get the best results possible. The steps in the processes are:
  • Project Setup and Briefing Phase
  • Website Design Phase
  • This phase includes 3 alteration opportunities to perfect the design
  • Website Development Phase
  • This phase includes 3 alteration opportunities to perfect the website
  • Website Promotion and Go Live Phase
  • This step includes our 18 point quality check in the live environment
The Brief, Collateral, Content and Logins
To successfully complete any project with a minimum of delays, we ask that you provide the requirements we need for the entire project, as soon as you can. Often things like content and logins are the things that hold up a project. The items that are most critical are:

Our Brief:
Once we send you the brief, we ask that you fill it out in a timely fashion, completely. The more information you give in the brief, the smoother the design phase of the project will run. We will not start design work without a complete brief.

Logins for Hosting:
Please supply the logins for the server that will host the website earlier rather than later. This gives us the opportunity to test the server for size, speed and configuration before we start loading the live website. If we have the opportunity to check this at the start of a project, it gives you weeks to resolve potential issues in advance, rather than finding issues at the end of the project causing delays in delivery.

Logos, images and any other collateral for the website delivered early, will ensure a smooth design and development process.

This is often the biggest hold up for a website project. Preparing content is a time consuming task. It should be worked on from the start of the project so it is ready for implementation as soon as the Development Phase begins. Typically you have 2 weeks to collate all content prior to us requiring it. Within our processes we have included standard communications at the critical points where non delivery of these items by you will result in an extension of the delivery date of the project. Please try and ensure timely delivery of all requirements, but respect that in cases where there is a holdup at your end, to ensure the quality of our process and deliverables, we will need additional time to complete the website.

Communication and Sharing Screens:
While it is sometimes difficult for our team to sit next to you and “point” to the website as we go through the design and development phases, we certainly have the tools available to do this technologically. As such we have integrated standard “Skype” or Online Meetings within our processes, to ensure we have the opportunity to work together, to deliver a timely and quality project. We find that the best, smoothest projects are the ones where clients embrace these opportunities and use the time to work closely with us to progress the projects. Conversely, the projects where these meetings are avoided by clients tend to result in projects that require more alteration cycles and a longer timeframe for successful completion.

Alterations and Attention:
To Detail In our website projects, in both the design phase and the development phase, we have 3 cycles of review and alterations to get the websites done to your satisfaction. To ensure quality and an attention to detail for each cycle, we have developed the following review process:

  1.  All these changes will be managed on a Google Spreadsheet. You will be given access to this spreadsheet at the beginning of the project and you are welcome to use it to input all your changes.
  2. Collate all your changes at each cycle.
  3. Designer/developer will make the changes and sign them off in the spreadsheet as complete
  4. Review the change and counter sign if everything is done to satisfaction. This checkpoint is aimed at ensuring a quality completion of all tasks, before sending back to you.
  5. Once the work has been completed and reviewed successfully, it will be sent back to you for final sign off. Please review and provide final approval at your earliest convenience. As a general point we have implemented this internal two part approval system for all website work undertaken. We recognise the massive time burden poorly managed website projects can be to you, so we continue to look for ways to minimise the burden on your time. The major thing that causes absorption of time with website projects is excessive back and forth, alterations and updates. The Skype meetings and our two point quality checks are both designed to minimise the back and forth, thereby streamlining delivery of the end product.

Changes of Scope
Occasionally we find that a project changes scope midway through the process. There are two scenarios when this occurs:
  • A project will grow, with additional requirements being added to the original brief
  • A project will completely change direction In the first scenario, our process will highlight the scope changes and provide a quote and review of delivery timelines for inclusion in the existing project. You will have the opportunity to accept the new costs and delivery timelines or revert back to the original scope. Often a preferred option is to complete the initial project, then complete the additions as a Post Implementation project. In the second scenario, we will revert to and review the project briefing phase of our project process with you and depending on the extent of the change in direction, potentially restart the project. Again, you will be provided with a new quote (which will include the time already spent on the original project) and deadline. You will have the opportunity to accept the new costs and delivery timelines or revert back to the original scope.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting.  Get started in just a few clicks.

How Does Digital Marketing
Help You Achieve Your Goals?

As a business, you have to be present across all channels and show that you are the most trustworthy brand for your customers. It’s no longer about you finding customers—it’s about customers finding your business.

What We Do

If you want a constant stream of traffic to an easily discovered website, it comes with constant updating as well as link building.

We offer SEO services tailored for business focusing on a local audience, or larger audience or e-commerce website, plus businesses in highly competitive markets.

Social Media
Our Social Media product is suitable for clients with high social currency (that is, the viability of a brand to be shared on social media – in short, brands that may seem interesting or cool in today’s generation).

If your brand is relatively new and you want to increase awareness of their business, Social Media can make that happen.

PPC (Pay Per Click)
If you want fast traffic and immediate results or conversions, then PPC is the ideal solution. It is independent of any ranking algorithm and with the right budget and right keywords, you can rise to the top by optimising your bid and maintaining a high-quality score with Google.

Our certified PPC specialists are Google Partners with a decade of experience in SEO and Paid Ads.

Web Design
If your website is not user-friendly or doesn’t have an appealing look and feel,  Our SEO-ready websites are built and developed on premium WordPress themes. 

Since websites are quickly becoming the primary way to communicate with potential customers, it's critical to offer the best experience possible.

Content Marketing to cater to all your content needs. Our content is guaranteed to be well-crafted and all original to ensure that it is SEO and reader-friendly.

Brand Design crafted by our creatives team. This is ideal for businesses who want to build their brand and impress their clients through premium-quality and exceptional designs that are made to reflect the business and the brand’s identity.

Aside from that, we also offer other bundles and ad hoc services to help your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Website Design: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to finish the development?
Our website development service normally completes within approximately 3 weeks for the Basic Web Design Package, approximately 3 to 4 weeks for the Basic Web Design plus Content Package, and depending on the scope of the web development, 4 to 6 weeks or more for the Advanced Web Design Package. Please note that these timelines can be met as long as all requirements (intake forms, payment, content, access credentials, etc.) are provided to us before the design phase begins.

Does this include hosting?
Name registry, hosting, and server costs are exclusive of this service. However, we would be more than happy to suggest a few hosting providers that offer great products and quality customer support.

What technologies do you use to build your websites?
We use WordPress along with premium WordPress themes. Our themes are built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. All our themes also use Page Builders, which allow clients to easily build pages with unlimited layouts through a drag and drop user interface, without the need for coding knowledge.

Why Wordpress?
Our Web Development services is built on the WordPress content management system (CMS) because:
  1. It is the most flexible and easiest to use open-source content management system, with worldwide community support.
  2. It has themes with responsive web design provide optimal user experience across devices so that users navigate the website with minimal re-sizing and scrolling.
  3. Its Dashboards use page builders that: provide a drag and drop interface; allow easy creation of responsive column-based content; and have more than five (5) pre-designed widgets , e.g. Galleries, Testimonial, Blog Feed and many more 
Does your web development package come with SEO?
We will build your site based on architecture that's optimised for SEO.

Where will you build my Website?
We create your site on our own servers first and would only upload to your own website after the Final QA and revisions.

How many revisions can I make before incurring additional costs?
  1. There are two revision points for you. The 1st round of revisions happens after the staging site or initial design is provided. Your client will be given 24 to 48 hours to provide all the design related revisions they need. The 2nd or last round of revisions happens after the content integration is completed. Your client will be provided 24 to 48 hours to relay revisions that are content-related.
  2. Please note that any revisions on the last round would have to be minimal and not amount anymore to design changes or work that would take more than half a day to execute. 
Can I get access of my site while in development?
We strongly discourage providing access to the site during the development phase. The credentials to the site are only turned over once they are hosted in the client server, after the final walkthrough and approval.