Funeral Planning

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Funeral Plans

We have a range of funeral plans to suit different budgets and wishes. So however you want to say your final goodbye, we can help you make sure everything is just as you want. Our Funeral Directors will take care of all the necessary arrangements making sure your family will have the minimum of stress at a difficult time.

Even if your loved one did not have a Funeral Plan at the time of passing, a plan can still be taken out with us allowing the family to benefit from all the support and guidance that comes with our professional service. Simply fill out a brief form and our experts will take it from there.

Each of our plans above, except the simple plan, can be tailored for a burial if that is your wish. However, there is no allowance included for burial plots or memorial/grave stones as they vary widely in price due to location and choice, and some families already have them in place. We can assist you with choosing your plot and gravestone through our network of local Funeral Directors.

In addition, all Funeral Plans are fully transferable to another person prior to death.

Our Funeral Plans:

The Simple Plan


  • This plan is for people who do not want an elaborate funeral or a service of any kind, but want to make matters simple and remove the financial burden for those left behind.The Simple plan can be yours from as little as £14.61 a month* 

The Ceremonial Plan


  • All the Funeral Directors costs are covered in this plan, and they will be there to guide and help your family on all aspects of the service and any other necessary aspects that need to be covered. However, the third party fees are not. This plan is for those who wish to cover a larger part of their funeral costs, reducing what is left to be paid for your loved ones.
    The Ceremonial plan can be yours from as little as £24.03 a month*

The Traditional Plan


  • This is the most affordable yet complete plan. It includes for the services provided for by the Funeral Director and a generous allowance towards third party fees. It has been designed to give a quality farewell, whilst minimising any further expenses your loved ones will have to cover.
    The Traditional plan can be yours from as little as
    £34.51 a month*

The Royal Plan


  • This is the most popular Funeral Plan, as it assures the holder of an excellent quality funeral. All aspects of the Funeral Director’s fees are covered, including allowing the family the choice of time of funeral, where the procession starts from and a funeral limousine for your loved ones to the ceremony. As for the traditional plan there is a generous allowance towards third party fees.
    The Royal plan can be yours from as little as
    £36.60 a month*

The Imperial Plan


  • The Imperial plan is our most comprehensive funeral plan. It covers everything in the Royal plan and has an additional limousine for your loved ones to attend the ceremony and a superior coffin in addition.
    The Imperial plan can be yours from as little as £39.74 a month*

*All monthly instalments are calculated based on a £500 deposit and a flat 5.9% Supplemental Charge for each year of the Plan calculated on the Plan Price and charged each month as part of the instalment payment.