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“How To Sell Your Home For Cash in 10 Days or Less At No Cost To You”

What We Do

Hello and welcome to our website. Bondzie Consulting specialise in helping homeowners like you sell your land or property in 10 days or less at no cost to you. 

Why would we want to help you sell your home? 

Simple! We are very well connected in the property industry and especially with cash buyers urgently seeking properties for investment. 

We are paid a fee only when a property is purchased which means that we do not see a penny unless we help you to sell your property or land for the price you are looking for. 

If you would like our FREE report which will reveal the secrets of selling your home or land in 10 days or less at no cost to you, please be sure to click the link below and enter your name and email address. 

This may be arrogant, but our clients are excellent at buying land and property in the UK. This year, we have purchased many properties across the UK. 

In fact, we recently decided to set ourselves a challenge. Or should we say a promise. It’s a promise that will prove to you how committed we are to buying your land or property in 10 days or less at no cost to you… 

So what is this unique promise? 

Once you agree to sell your property to a client of ours, if they do not buy your home within 10 days we will give you £200. That’s right! We will pay you £200.   

So what do you have to lose? We operate a complete “no fees” policy, which means that you can sell your home without paying a penny in legal costs, commissions or hidden fees of any kind. 

  This is our way of saying to you “if our clients don’t live up to our promise to you, we lose, not you”. So what do you have to lose? 

Are you a Landlord?

Buildings and Contents Insurance
 that gives you more.
Protect your asset with Property Insurance. We can provide insurance to protect your property and the things in it.

Need a Mortgage or to finance your Property?

Finance your Home or Property with a Mortgage.  

Need to make a Property Insurance Claim? FREE Property Insurance Claims Management 

Our team of Property Insurance Claims Management Specialists can reduce the stress and hassle of property insurance claims. All this is provided at NO CHARGE to you,

“How To Sell Your Home For Cash in 10 Days or Less At No Cost To You”

Apply for your completely free special report right now and lets get started on selling your property or land for cash in 10 days or less at no cost to you…

Inside you’ll learn;

•   How to sell your property or land for cash in 10 days or less… 

•   How to make direct contact with serious cash buyers ready and waiting to pay for your property

•   How to eliminate the risk of your transaction ‘falling through’ due to broken chain – learn the secrets of selling to cash buyers who do not have a property to sell before they can buy yours…

•   How to sell your property or land quickly and without paying a single penny in legal fees or any other costs (instantly save yourself £500 or more!)…

•   How to earn £200 in cash if your cash buyer fails to buy your property in 10 days or less for whatever reason making the deal completely and utterly risk free for you…

•   How to sell your property in complete confidence – no estate agent boards or strangers trampling mud all over your carpet…

•   How to pocket the estate agents commission for yourself by eliminating the need for him or her in the first place…

•   And much, much more

Best wishes, 

Bondzie Consulting

Need a Home Owner or Landlord Gas Safety?

Landlords have obligations to check all the gas appliances and installations on the premises are safe. If you're a business owner with tenants or guests (e.g. hotel or care home) then you're classed as a landlord.

Need a Property repair?

No hot water? No heating?  Got a leak?  Is the boiler,  heating or plumbing playing up?

Need a Boiler Service?

A poorly maintained gas boiler can be unsafe and disruptive for both you and family. The smart way to maintain your boiler is with an annual service by our local Gas Safe registered engineers.

Need to Sell your property fast?

FREE Report to sell your property quick.