Lead Generation Funnel


Lead Generation Service Description

This service is the ultimate way to help engineer or generate the fuel that powers your business to function and turn a profit: fresh leads.

By using our lead generation services, through particular strategies across platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, you can expect to have a far more expansive influx of leads, which will in turn raise the
chances for sale conversions and a higher revenue for your business.

Our Lead Generation Funnel Product
  • We offer this structured Lead Generation Funnel service to help you develop a database of targeted leads for you to market to.
  • The service requires a budget for a Google Ads or Facebook ad or similar online advertising campaign (PPC) which is NOT included in the service fee.
  • The process runs through a targeted PPC ad with some form of lead bait (an invite to an event, a free download, a purchasable download or a consultation with your client), to a landing page where prospects leave their details if they would like access to the lead bait. Details get stored in a database for email or other marketing.
  • The deliverable of this service is the database of targeted leads for ongoing nurturing and marketing, at a cost per lead that is very attractive.

Lead Generation Funnel Purpose

  • The purpose of this lead generation campaign is to build a database of prospects that come from your defined prospecting group.
  • The database developed from this service is an asset for your business.
  • The purpose of this service can be varied according to the strategy:
  • Immediate sales of an already available product or service
  • Sales of a ticket to attend an event
  • Access to a free lead bait which can be used as a conversation starter with the lead
  • Ongoing and regular nurturing of the database, turning it into a continual and regular source of business
  • This product can be used as a long-term marketing strategy which aims to be a part of assisting the development of a long-term healthy business, via a database.
  • This product can also be used as a short-term marketing strategy which aims to provide you with immediate leads (to attend an event for example) or immediate sales (in the case of the download of an asset behind a paywall).

Lead Funnel Is Working When:

  • A database of relevant and targeted prospects are being collected into a CRM or email management tool.
  • Immediate sales are being made when appropriate.
  • The database is being built cost effectively

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